About Royal AUSNZ

GOTOP Healthcare is proudly 100% Australian owned company and a member of the Dairy Industry Association of Australia (DIAA).  Located in Sydney, Australia, a city that is Australia’s commercial centre.  GOTOP’s corporate mission is to deliver the best quality and healthiest food to its customers, world-wide.

GOTOP has brought together the very best of the Australian dairy industry to deliver their range of Royal AUSNZ infant formula products to parents, carers and health professionals around the world.  Royal AUSNZ’s infant formula has been produced using the very latest and most technology available.  We use the unique ‘wet-blend’ technology that delivers nutrient-rich that are combined with Australia ‘s freshest milk that is sprayed into the infant formula powder directly. Each Royal AUSNZ tin of infant formula has been vacuum sealed filled with nitrogen to keep the contents fresh and stable for your baby.

Our nutrient-rich infant formula has has been developed to give your baby all the elements they need for the development of healthy bones, good eyesight, optimal brain development, physical growth and development and support for their immune system.

Royal AUSNZ infant formula contains

  • No preservatives,
  • No artificial colours,
  • No synthetic flavours, and
  • GMO free

Every tin of Royal AUSNZ infant formula has been made in Australia – a product status that has been formally certified – and the safety of our product has been insured to the value of ten million Australian Dollars ($10,000,000 AUD of public liability insurance).

Each batch of Royal AUSNZ infant formula supports can be traced from the cow to the can. In some retail markets, including China, each tin of Royal AUSNZ infant formula comes with a unique serial number that consumers can use to trace which farm and which individual batch produced the product, ensuring total quality control for the consumer.

All of Royal AUSNZ’s production has met the rigorous Australian food safety standards for our local market, the highest standards in the world, and are under the supervision of the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) who monitor the safety and quality of our formula sales into overseas markets.

Royal AUSNZ has won the silver medal at DIAA 2014 dairy products competition.  Ours was the only product to receive this important industry recognition.

Royal AUSNZ infant formula is not only selling in Australia via different outlets but is now sold overseas to China and Vietnam, with other markets around the world soon to come online.