The Finest Quality

Milk environment: Australia is a vast country spoke member, its dairy industry is mainly distributed in two areas: First, are mainly distributed in coastal areas, is mainly concentrated in the southeast region in particular Victoria.

These areas a vast land, abundant rainfall, abundant sunshine, suitable climate and beautiful environment, lush meadows, pasture quality, the quality of milk to one of the most important factor in the Australian dairy industry has long-term world-renowned.

Traditional stocking Mode. Due to the unique natural conditions in Australia Australia’s livestock industry is still to take the stocking pattern. This ensures that Australia’s dairy production to less interference by human factors.

Environment of milk production: milk production machinery and equipment manufacturers all built in accordance with health and safety of the pharmaceutical industry production standards and good infant formula for each tank the Royal Australia and New Zealand to pharmaceutical quality requirements.

Royal AUSNZ infant formula (baby milk powder) insist use 100% australian made local material with the latest wet-blend technology to deliver the best quality infant formula into the market.